We're Married!!!

Well, we did it. We're all, like, married up and stuff -- and we have the pictures to prove it! It was a gorgeous, perfect day, we had a lovely ceremony, a fun party and, as promised, lots and lots of excellent, yummy food. But the best of the part of the day was being surrounded by our loved ones. We have you (and you... and you!) to thank for making the day as special as it was.

But you didn't come here for the maudlin stuff; I bet you want to see pictures!

If you're interested, you can look through some of our pics from on and around the big day. You can browse through the pictures below in any or all of the categories below. There are a lot of pictures (this is but a small fraction, if you can believe that) so apologies if this is all overkill, but it's awfully hard to pick just a few that capture the day. But, hey, if you go through them all, you might even find one or two of yourself!

If you would like prints or digital copies (these images are all low-res -- we have much higher-res ones) of any of these pictures, please let us know. Just make a note of the file name and e-mail Veronica at her Q7.com account, Chris at his ghormley.net account or if you don't have any of those addresses, try Veronica's yahoo account: vrunka (at) yahoo (dot) com. Also, please let us know if you have pictures from the event that we've missed -- 'cause there's always room for more!

  • preparations : getting ready for our big day
  • details : all the stuff that made the day perfect
  • ceremony : our own special brew of the traditional and non
  • guests : our friends and family!
  • group photos : not usually the most exciting part of the wedding photos unless you're in them
  • the happy couple : warning: mushy, cutie overkill alert
  • afterwards : life continued after the wedding

  • ye olde bloggo is still around, too, though I can't guarantee that it will be updated very regularly. But who knows?