Date : 9/7/06
City : London
Location : St. John's
Website :


My main was another grease-fest (but, you know, in a good way): crispy pig cheeks served on dandelion greens. The pig cheek nuggets were evenly crisped all around and bursting with flavor. The dandelion greens were a pleasant background note, but I have to admit that I paid a lot more attention to the pig. Since I was full before I even sat down (we'd had anaccidental run-in with a full English breakfast only about 3 hours before), I didn't make it very far into my pig cheeks. Vincent was kind to throw aside societal constraints and asked our server (for me, because I was too embarrassed to do so myself) to wrap my leftovers. And our server was gracious enough to agree without making me feel like an American rube. And though the pig cheeks were far less crispy then next time I ate them, they were still delightful (maybe even more so since I was actually hungry the second time around).