We're glad you're coming to the wedding, but I bet you want to know how to get there. Maybe you've never been to the Arboretum before or perhaps you were utterly befuddled by my handdrawn map on the invitation. Well, I hope this page clears things up for you.

We would like to encourage people to use mass transit. That is, we would like to, but we can't really. It isn't a great option because a.) the only bus that goes to the Arboretum runs but once an hour and b.) though the Max stop at the Zoo is nearby, it's a pretty steep (but fairly short) walk to the Arboretum from there. If you think you can manage it while wearing your wedding finery, by all means, please do it. Or if you'd like to take part in our wedding shuttle service, please see the parking page for more info.

Here are the directions straight from the Hoyt Arboretum website:

Take Highway 26 to the Washington Park-Zoo exit, and follow the signs, continuing past the Zoo parking lot, the Forestry Center, and up Knight's Boulevard to Fairview Boulevard. Turn right and you will see the sign for Arboretum Visitor Center parking in less than 1/8 mile.

You can also reach the Arboretum off W. Burnside. Follow Fischer Lane as it winds through the park. Turn right when you reach Fairview Boulevard to find the Visitor Center.

And for the more visually oriented, here's a MAP.