Date : 9/22/06
City :
Location : Rome
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Through our whole visit to Italy we kept trying to find good pizza --we're in Italy, right? But we kept bombing out. Sure, it was all a million times better than Domino's, but what isn't? We kept trying the pizza places rrecommended in the guidebooks, and this place, Dar Poeta in Trastevere, came closest to being the pizza we sought. We arrived in Trastevere after dark (no matter, that's when it gets interesting) and even though it was too early for dinner (7:30) we were hungry and decided to seek out Dar Poeta. We circled around the area, befuddled by its crooked, looping and discontinuous streets and after a long while worked out that the street we were on continued after a 120 degree turn. Who knew? This pizza is potato with ham, toothsome and savory. We were somewhat surprised that its vaunted "thick crust" style pizza was what would be considered paper thin here in the states.