Date : 9/19/06
City : Lucca
Location : Gigi Trattoria
Website :


I found this place while we were wandering around and made a point for coming back for dinner and I am so glad we did. The young hipsters running the kitchen know what they're doing and serve up some fine Lucchese and Tuscan specialties. Don't believe me? Just ask the New York Times. While we were there, I overheard a conversation about their upcoming appearance in the NY Times travel section. The conversation was in Italian so I wasn't sure I was understanding it correctly, but when we got home, I checked the times and there was a big picture of Gigi splashed on the front page of the Travel section from just one week after our visit. And to think, we knew them before they were big. This place was great, not at all crowded or touristy (though now that that article is out, who knows?) -- and cheap! We ate like conquering Romans for less than 40 Euros.