Date : 9/7/06
City : London
Location : St. John's
Website :


On our first day, we went to lunch at the fabled St. John's Restaurant. For those unfamiliar with St. John's: under the guidance of Fergus Henderson, St. John's is a proponent of "nose to tail" cuisine, a philosophical and ethical approach to animal consumption that suggests that every part of an creature is worthy of respect and deserves a place on diners' plates. It appeals to my waste not, want not sensibilities, as well as my more adventurous side that thrills in offal prepared in new and tasty ways. St. John's dining room is somewhere in between industrial chic and country rustic. A clean, white, bright room with exposed woodwork; it wasn't quite what I was expecting. I think I had figured that since they're known for serving offal it would either look like an operating room or a dungeon. It looked like neither, thank god, and I'm glad I was wrong.