Date : 9/9/06
City : London
Location : Tate Modern Museum
Website :


V and I meandered down to the South Bank, heading towards the Tate. The walk, with several stops, took its toll and by the time we arrived at the Tate I was near tears with exhaustion. Vincent whisked me upstairs to the members' lounge where I enjoyed the view of the Thames and chocolate cake. We settled in and waited for Chris to catch up with us, but a fire alarm went off forcing us to abandon our table and drinks and huddle outside (along with several thousand other museum-goers) for a while until we got the all clear. I must say that the evacuation was among the quickest and smoothest I have every witnessed – no small task for such a large and rambling museum on a busy Saturday. And the museum itself? Wonderful. Gorgeous space, well-curated exhibits, a faboo Kandinsky show. I am inclined to prefer museums of modern art and this one could be the queen of them all.