Date : 9/9/06
City : London
Location : British Museum
Website :


I'd actually planned on skipping the British Museum just because it is so large and overwhelming that I thought I'd better keep my sanity by pretending it didn't exist, but it was on the way to our lunch spot and after all, it's the British freakin' Museum. The BM announces its presence as a Great Hall of Learning through its imposing classical fac╠žade and follows it up with endless halls of crammed with the spoils of empire. Plus there's the reading room which makes you feel smart just for being let in. Wandered through the rooms of the Americas, watched a cool demonstration of sculpting a Hindu goddess from clay, walked swiftly through the mummies (this creeped me out too much to hang around. It sounded cool, but once I was surrounded by all those dead bodies I lost my interest) and spent a good chunk of time admiring Korean communist propaganda posters.