Date : 9/16/06
City : Florence
Location : L'Osteria di Benci
Website :


After a nap in our hotel room (which the very kind hotelier allowed us to check into early) we toured more of the city, eventually ending up at L'Osteria di Benci (a Lonely Planet rec) for dinner. We didn’t have a reservation (this became a recurring theme) so we couldn't get a table in the dining room. They seated us in the adjoining café instead. I'm glad we agreed to the atypical seating because we had one of our best meals of the trip there. This is Echiale Piccati – spicy spirals to you. Big hunks of pancetta shared space with spicy peppers and pasta – and all of it was drenched in a pepper-infused olive oil and topped with cheese. The shape of the pasta is really key here – the flavor the bacon and peppers covered the ample surface area and the cheese burrowed into the cracks.