Here may ye find the ship log for Cap'n Blog 'n' Salty -- a tale of adventure on the high seas of food-related adventure. Arrrr!

In September of 2006, we traveled Europe, eating our way from country to country. We saw cool art, met great people, visited beautiful cities and ate lots and lots (and lots!) of food. Oh, and we also took a lot of pictures. Check 'em out!

We got married on July 1, 2006 -- yes, indeed! And we can prove it! Here are some of our favorite pics from the happy day, posted here for your internet amusement. Are you in these pictures? Do you want a copy? Let us know!

Way back in the first half of 2006 a happy couple in love set out to plan a wedding. You can revisit the wedding planning website and think back on those heady days.